JANUARY Board of Directors Meeting – 1/18/16, 6:00PM (2339 SBD) Fiscal Year Begins
Review Reserve Study for maintenance items & expenditures
Begin Financial Statement Preparation by CPA
FEBRUARY Provide Provide Reserve Study bids for review (every three years)
Review Landscape Projects - Schedule walkthrough
Continuation of Financial Statement Preparation by CPA
MARCH Board of Directors Meeting – 3/21/16, 6:00PM (2373 SBD)
Conduct Reserve Study (every three years)
Review Association Facilities - Schedule walkthrough
Approve Year End Financial Statements from CPA
APRIL Contractor bids - Maintenance projects
Distribution of Annual Financial Statement Package to Membership
Turn on Irrigation Systems
MAY Board of Directors Meeting – 5/16/16, 6:00PM (2397 SBD)
Approve contractor for projects
Weed abatement
JUNE Project management of approved projects begins
Tree Trimming - Tree maintenance program (as approved)
- Send notice to owners (if affected)
Yearly Insurance renewal (per policy)
JULY Board of Directors Meeting – 7/11/16, 6:00 PM(2353 SBD)
Continued supervision of projects
Set Annual Meeting Date & Location. Establish Agenda
AUGUST Letter to Contractors for contract renewal (budget impact)
Review and approve California SofS filing (re-file bi-yearly)
Mail Annual Meeting of the Membership Notice
SEPTEMBER Annual Meeting of the Membership 9/26/16, 6:00 PM(2339 SBD))
Board of Directors Meeting – 9/26/16(2339 SBD)

Budget Preparation Begins - First Draft to Board
Obtain CPA engagement letter and have Board approve
Mail Secret Ballot & Notice
Check and clean storm drain inlets
OCTOBER Affirm Standing Committees
Continuation of Budget Preparation as needed
Clean “V” ditches and drainage thresholds
NOVEMBER Board of Directors Meeting - 11/21/16, 6:00PM (2373 SBD)
Completion of Budget & Distribution to Membership by 11/30
Install Holiday Lights week of Thanksgiving
DECEMBER Fiscal Year Ends
Begin preparation of year-end reports
Determine documents to be sent to file storage - purge working files